South African Philipp Beisheim holds a MA Degree in Design from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and is a trained carpenter. He lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. He set up his studio in 2011 after working for several Designers. He is also the director of keinStil. GmbH, an interdisciplinary design practice. The office is active in several fields ranging from exhibition design, architectural collaborations, and product design. His aim as a designer is not to try to solve problems. It‘s much more about creating new situations, that simplify a discussion by bringing in a new context. His work intuitively pinpoints the most essential, visceral quality to an object. His work is characterized by a significant thing called feeling, as such, quite apart from the environment in which it is called forth.

studio philippbeisheim
Kranengasse 2 
65929 Frankfurt am Main 

e: info@philippbeisheim.com 
t: +49(0)6927274727
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